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When it’s time to have junk removed from your home or trash hauled away you might wonder what junk removal service in Las Vegas may cost. Our junk removal team receives daily calls asking for price bids for junk and trash removal services. Junk and trash removal prices can vary on many factors and some of the time providing an estimate right over the phone can be difficult. Our junk removal team prides itself on competitive and honest junk and trash removal prices. And when the customer describes the junk they want removed or the trash they want hauled away we try to provide an upfront competitive price. We do not provided “fake” prices just to show up and raise the junk removal price once we arrive. However there are times that we show up and more is added or other services requested and only then do we discuss the junk removal price with the customer.

In Las Vegas junk and trash removal prices are broken down into many factors. The local Las Vegas transfer facility charges by the cubic yard of the load and not by the weight of the load. So one factor our junk removal team has to consider is the size of the items you want hauled away and disposed of. They also require a two yard minimum price so that is another consideration, even if your request is a small one we still are charged a minimum at the transfer facility in Las Vegas. Other junk removal factors may include the labor to remove and haul away. Is the item extremely heavy or does it require a demolition to remove. Other differences in junk removal is it one large item or is it a pile of a million items spread throughout a home or garage.

In the end there is no one denominator to a junk and trash removal price quote. However The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas stands by their price bid and we believe we have the lowest and most competitive junk and trash removal price in town. We do not look to get rich off any one customer, we pride our company on its referral rate. For the service we provide we have the best price in the Las Vegas area. Just because our junk removal price is the lowest does not mean you get less of a service. So when you are looking for a junk removal price or a trash haul price give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free no hassle junk and trash removal price.

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