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Junk And Trash Removal | Recycle Metal

Junk And Trash Removal | Recycle Metal

The benefits of recycling metals are numerous, recycling metal and reusing materials such as metal, saves energy, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and reduces the volume of metal that is discarded into our landfills. All which have long term benefits for our society. Proper metal recycling prevents pollution and keeps people healthier and is good for the economy.

In 2008, the scrap recycling industry generated $86 billion and supported 85,000 jobs. The recycled metal industry that processes used metal back into raw material feedstock every year and is used around the world. Also in 2008, the United States exported $28.6 billion, roughly 44 million metric tons of recycled metal, which contributed to U.S. trade balances.

Our junk and trash removal team takes great pride in the recycling efforts that we provide. Not only will our metal recycle efforts help the landfills in Las Vegas but it also provides a way to reuse recycled metals. As we collect junk and trash from commercial and residential jobs we spend time at the shop separating everything that can be donated or recycled. Recycling metal is a big part of what we do after each junk and trash removal job. We then store metal recycle materials in the shop until we have a trailer full to take to the local metal recycle facility. Our junk and trash removal team is able to recycle metal every 2 to 3 weeks. We average approximately 2,000 pounds of recycle metal each time we go, which equals up to 35,000 pounds of metal to recycle each year!

The Pick Up Artist Junk And Trash Removal in Las Vegas makes every effort to not only recycle metal but to donate furniture or clothes whenever possible. Both create jobs and help people and save the planet from unnecessary dumping in the Las Vegas landfills. Rest assured when we pick up junk and trash from your residence or your commercial building our job doesn’t stop there. We believe in metal recycle!

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