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Junk removal is a service that it seems like all of us need at some point, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will hire a junk removal company to take care of their clutter for them.  This could be fro a number of reasons, it could be that there is still a large number of do it your-selfers that want to put in the sweat and alternative to hire us.  This unique group of people are very hard working and rather use junk removal alternatives since they don’t like the idea of someone doing the junk removal job for them.  It could be argued that junk removal alternatives are cheaper if you do it yourself and this is true but then you have the junk removal job to do yourself.  The hassle of dumpster rental, the hard work to load it and then waiting to have that beast removed and in the end that junk removal alternative is cheaper but not easier on your back or your emotions!  Another junk removal alternative is to donate, but what you think can be donated may be all wrong.  Donation centers wont remove old, worn, cut, stained, torn or furniture with animal hair.  Now its back to the junk removal company coming and removing everything and you wasted your time and energy which can be upsetting.


There are many junk removal alternatives out there and some save money but none save time and energy on your part.  Our junk removal company will help you with all those issues.  We will donate items that can be donated, reuse other items and only then go to the landfill.  We come to your home and remove, pack and haul away the junk and trash in no time which frees you up to do what you would like to do.  Junk Removal alternatives are there for you but not always easier.  If you are looking for junk removal alternatives then give us a call for an estimate and let us save you time and effort. Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas today at 702-600-6994.

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