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Junk Removal And Recycle Metal

Junk Removal And Recycle Metal

Junk Removal and metal recycling go hand and hand. Every job our junk removal team performs we separate metals from the junk and trash. We never take your metals to the landfill. Our junk removal team also will separate cardboard so it does not get wasted at the landfill. Our recycle efforts are second to none.

The scrap industry makes substantial contributions to the U.S. Balance of trade by exporting 230 billion dollars in products to over 55 countries. In 2012 recycle industries exported more than 47 million tons of steel, the majority of recycle steel goes to China, Canada, and South Korea. The recycle goes on from there as they reshape and repurpose the recycled steel and then resend it all over the world. When you buy steel you are always buying recycled steel. Because steel products can be recycled repeatedly without loss of strength, this beneficial trade will continue for years to come and our junk removal team takes pride in being part of not wasting the resource.

As a whole when we do a junk and trash removal job we will collect a few pounds of metal at a time and then store it until we can haul in a large load of metal to recycle. This is just one of our efforts to not place materials in our landfills that do not belong. Recycling is an effort but with hard work and dedication or junk and trash removal teams have made it a habit. We save our local landfills thousands of pounds every year of materials that do not belong in our landfills and that material gets reused saving the environment and creating jobs.

If you have a junk and trash removal job and you need a free estimate give our junk removal team a call. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the most competitive prices in the local industry!

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