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Junk Removal From Commercial Building Stairwell

Junk Removal From Commercial Building Stairwell

Went to a South Point Commercial building to take a look at a stairwell that had been used as a junk collector and a trash bin for too long. The property management team had called us because the abandoned commercial building stairwell was being used as a junk collector. They wanted to get it leased out again and that meant cleaning all the junk and trash out of the stairwell. We met our contact person at the commercial building and looked at the stairwell together and came up with a fair price to go into the stairwell and remove all the junk and trash.

Our junk removal team needed not only gloves for this job but we also wore face masks. The stairwell had junk and trash thrown into it for what must have been for months. Before we began you could only see half the door entering the commercial building, the stairs in the stairwell were buried five deep. So a trash can at a time our junk removal team went down the stairwell and removed trash and junk. We found everything in that stairwell from beer bottles, to clothes and even cushions to a couch. We dont know if someone was inhabiting the stairwell at one time but it had not been for a while since the cushions were buried under a ton of junk and trash.

Once completed the commercial building stairwell was swept and left ready for the property management team to turn over to a commercial broker. Our junk removal team has enjoyed building relationships with commercial customers along with our resident customers. If you need a stairwell cleaned on your commercial building or any junk and trash removal job done, we have seen and done it all! Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate junk and trash removal.

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