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Junk Removal | Garage Clean Out | Las Vegas

Junk Removal | Garage Clean Out | Las Vegas

The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas received a phone call from a new customer named Dave located in our local Las Vegas neighborhood. Dave had told us that he had a pile of junk piled high in his backyard and another pile of junk that was cluttering his garage and he wanted all the junk removed and hauled away as soon as possible. Dave gave us a time he would be home so that we at The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas could meet him at his home and provide him with his free no hassle estimate. Once Dave agreed, we asked him to go and relax and we would take care of the rest. We then prepared ourselves for the junk removal. Safety first…
Our first step was to remove all the large flat wooden pieces of junk. There were several pieces of plywood and wood pallets that were in the pile of junk. Once all plywood and pallets were put into the trailer, the crew grabbed the much bulkier junk and stacked those in the very back of the trailer. The bulky items included a broke up desk, bed frames and junk entertainment center. There were also two bulky junk appliances that we placed in the trailer last so that we could take them to be recycled.
Everything else in the pile of junk was random items. These were all carried to the truck. After that, the crew pulled out the wheel barrel and raked in some of the smaller debris. A lot of the smaller junk was also picked up by hand because they were scattered out and the rake couldn’t pick it up. The wheel barrel was then rolled out to the junk trailer and placed in so that all the junk could be hauled away. Our Junk removal job was complete…
Once we were done we informed Dave and he was extremely pleased with our work. Not only did we remove all the junk but we swept his garage out and raked his backyard where the pile once was leaving both places as clean as could be. The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas prides itself on our professionalism, cleanliness and or work ethic. We want all our junk removal customers in Las Vegas to be our customers for life!

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