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Junk Removal In Henderson

Junk Removal In Henderson

Received a call last night from an investor in California requesting a quote on the junk removal of one Henderson three bedroom home that the previous tenants left in a terrible mess.  We talked about some of the things that were left in the Henderson home and it was more then he could even describe. So we settled on a basic cost for the junk removal services. When I asked how soon he wanted the job done he replied, Yesterday!! So tomorrow was set for us to go out to the Henderson home and look at the junk removal job at hand.

Once we arrived at the Henderson home we discovered the investor was correct, way too much junk, trash and furniture to describe over the phone. It was like the previous tenants left in a real hurry and didn’t bother to pack or take a single thing with them. We started in the garage where we found cabinets, books, old movies and trash. Then it was off to the kitchen and not only was the floor covered with junk, the cabinets were completely full of junk that needed to be removed. Surprising to us the refrigerator was the only thing empty in the kitchen. Cant say the same of the sink! The off to the bedrooms where there were mattresses, dressers, close and junk all through the room and the closets. No room was safe , they left all their junk in each room.  It took some time to remove all the junk in the three rooms. The bathroom… well the bathroom was full! Laundry room no better. Eventually the inside of the Henderson house was complete and swept, free of all junk and trash.

The backyard was not to be spared, we found a sectional couch, old mattresses, junk, trash and a shed full of clothes and old equipment. Once the yard was clean and all the junk removed we did a once over to make sure we left no trash behind. The Henderson home was complete. Three junk removal trailer loads and two tired junk removal guys!!

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