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Junk Removal Prices | Free Estimates

Junk Removal Prices | Free Estimates

Our junk removal team in Las Vegas receives multiple calls asking for a free estimate for junk removal prices. Junk removal prices can vary upon many factors and most of the time our junk removal team can provide a free estimate right over the phone just based on the description that we are given. All of our estimates are free of charge whether we provide the free estimate right over the phone or we come to your home or place of business to look for ourselves. Sometimes it is very difficult for the caller to provide a complete description and it is necessary to go and look at the junk that needs to be removed. Our junk removal team always will answer any and all of your questions, we never want to come across as dishonest with our customers. We aren’t here to scam you by overcharging a single customer. We provide the best prices in the area and we would rather get three referrals from you then leave you feeling like you were just taken advantage of.

To explain some factors that go into junk removal. The local Las Vegas transfer center charges a specific price, with a minimum to dump. They charge by the volume of junk removed rather then the weight of the load to be dumped. Other factors for junk removal may include the man power to remove, the size of the load, is it a few large items or a mess of small junk and trash which would take much longer. Our junk removal team can answer all your questions over the phone if you like and all of our junk removal estimates are free.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas stands by our junk removal prices, we are highly competitive if not the best price in town. We will provide fair prices but with the highest quality and professionalism in town. Call us today for your free junk removal price.

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