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Junk Removal Vs. Dumpster Rental | Las Vegas

Junk Removal vs. Dumpster Rental | Las Vegas

Are you considering renting a roll off dumpster? How about a better idea? Junk removal companies are a better alternative to dumpster rental in most cases. Junk removal, also known as bulk trash pick up, is usually best for short term projects while dumpster rental works better for long term projects. In the case of junk removal, you can hire a team that handles big items such as refrigerators, furniture, hot tubs, swing sets, junk, trash, BBQ, gazebos, yard debris, mattresses, construction debris and much more. Many people in Las Vegas have garages and yards full of junk they no longer use and should think about donating or recycling before trashing potentially useful items. When it comes to your Las Vegas junk removal needs and you are considering junk removal vs. dumpster rental, the two things to consider are the size of the job which would determine how big of a dumpster rental you will need and the time the project will take. Projects such as home remodeling tend to take several months and can produce a lot of debris, which requires dumpster rental. When you rent a dumpster you are leaving a problem for neighbors and sometime traffic. When you hire a Las Vegas junk removal company they come in and finish the job quickly!

If you are cleaning out your junk, you should consider separating items that can be reused and donate them to Las Vegas recycling centers or Las Vegas charities. Many types of electronic equipment, especially computers, can be restored and reused, another note you cannot put these items into a dumpster rental, they are considered e-waste. When you donate items you are helping the environment and the Las Vegas community, especially if it’s big machinery like washers and dryers.  After you have sorted through your items, whatever cannot be sold or donated becomes the junk to remove. Hiring a junk removal company vs a dumpster rental in this case which would be better for you.

Another junk removal vs dumpster rental is the view the dumpster creates for your friends and Las Vegas neighbors. Also when you rent a dumpster when they arrive to drop off they often leave marks on the driveway or the Las Vegas street causing damage that isn’t going away unless you repair it. While you hire a Las Vegas junk removal company they come in with trucks or trailers leaving no damage.  When you rent a dumpster you and your help load the massive beast while a junk removal company loads the truck or trailer themselves while you relax. Junk removal vs dumpster rental should go to the junk removal company unless the project is going to take a long period of time.

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