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Now that spring is in full bloom and you are rediscovering your yards and you have found them full grown and out of hand you need to do some major pruning. Now you have yard debris that in no way will fit into a trash can. Maybe with spring cleaning you have cleaned up the garage and now you have a pile of junk that has been collected over the year that you just don’t need and really do not want. Have you begun a renovation project and have overwhelmed yourself with construction debris making it impossible to complete your project without a junk removal clean up. Have you bought new furniture during all the spring sales and now you are looking for a junk removal company to come to your home and remove the old stuff? Whatever your project a junk removal company could help ease the junk and trash that has built up during your spring clean projects.

Is your garage full of trash? Your backyard cluttered with junk? Do you have a storage unit that is just a collection center for unwanted items? Call The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal!!! Hassle free junk removal. We remove all unwanted clutter and leave that space clean and junk free! We are happy to take and dispose of any of your old junk! Furniture, Appliances, Hot Tubs, Mattresses, Yard Debris, Construction Debris, Trash, Junk, Anything Goes! – Fast and friendly – we also take care of junk left behind in foreclosures and REO properties, Call The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal at 702-600-6994 free estimates.

Our junk removal team will also donate to charities what can be donated, what can be recycled our junk removal team takes the time to do so. Our junk removal team spends the extra time after leaving your home to separate items for reuse. We believe in saving the environment and do our part to help the cause.

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