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Junk Shed Removal In Henderson

Junk Shed Removal In Henderson

Out to Henderson goes our junk removal team to take a look at a shed that is in the yard of a retired military home owner. Once we arrived to the Henderson home, we were surprised at how well this old shed was built and asked if he really wanted to be removed and hauled away. This Henderson military vet wanted more room in his yard. This shed was on the side of the house and went from the side wall to the wall of the home so he couldn’t get by it to use the rest of his side yard. After discussing an estimate with him he was ready to go and we got the tools and went to work on removing the shed from his yard.

We went out to the junk removal truck and retrieved a sledge hammer, circular saw, gloves and goggles and got ready for the hard work. The first thing our junk removal team did was cut the roof in half which makes it lighter and easier to handle. Then came the big boy tool… The sledge hammer went to work. We knocked the roof off the Henderson shed and then began one wall at a time. Slowly but surely this shed turned into a pile of wood. In a few short hours of swinging the hammer and carrying pieces of shed to the dump trailer we had it removed. Then we banged out the floor of the old shed. Once that was done we swept up the area and left the side yard clean and ready for the Henderson home owner to enjoy the side yard. He was surprised at the proficiency of our junk removal team and we are always happy to impress.

If you have an old shed in the yard you need removed in Henderson then don’t hesitate to call our junk removal team. We are here to answer any of your questions. All of our junk removal estimates are free. We serve not only Henderson but also Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and all the surrounding areas.

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