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Kitchen Remodel | Junk Removal | Las Vegas

Kitchen Remodel | Junk Removal | Las Vegas

We received a call recently from a new customer that had done a kitchen remodel in their house and now they didn’t know what to do with all the construction debris that was left behind. They loved the new kitchen but hated the mess that was left in the garage.

The kitchen remodel consisted of tearing out all the old cabinets one by one. The crew then just tossed all the old cabinets in the garge. Along with all the old cabinets the construction crew had also taken out all the tile counter tops and tile back splash. If that was not enough tile they then ripped up the old tile floor again just tossing all the construction debris into the garage. Before the had even begun the new kitchen remodel they had filled the garage with old appliances, tile, cabinets and drywall that had been taken out to make room for the new kitchen remodel that was going in.

Once the kitchen remodel was complete it looked beautiful. The kitchen was remodeled with brand new stainless steel appliances, new cabinets throughout, new faucets, granite counter tops and new walls along with a brand new kitchen remolded island.

Now the owners of the home had a new problem, although the kitchen remodel was complete, now the garage was filled with construction debris. Thats when they called us for a junk removal job. We provided them with a free junk removal estimate which they were happy with. We then scheduled a junk removal time for our uniformed team to come to the home and begin removing all the construction debris from the garage. Once there our junk removal team cleaned all the kitchen remodel construction debris from the garage and hauled it away, leaving the garage clean, empty and swept for our customer.

Now the customer was happy and could enjoy the new kitchen remodel and all the construction debris from the job was removed and hauled away for them

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