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Las Vegas Junk Removal

Las Vegas Junk Removal

The Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, recently hosted a Paul Mitchell virtual show. One of the companies that was involved in the conference had built giant decorative boxes to house 80″ touch screen televisions for the attendees to use for information about the new products. Once the conference was over all the accessories had to be broke down and either shipped back to where they came from or removed and hauled away as junk. Our company was called in to help with the junk removal. We quoted an estimate over the phone with the client on the junk removal. The client was in a rush because they had received late word that the boxes they had were being scraped and junk out instead of paying the shipping cost to have them taken back to California.

We immediately picked up the junk removal trailers and went to meet the client at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. Once we arrived and met with the client at the loading docks, we were escorted up to the ball room where the boxes were scattered around. We went to work dismantling the boxes and getting them ready to move across the ball room, into the elevators and in the junk removal trailers. This was no easy task, these monster boxes stood 8′ high, 12′ long and 2′ thick. However no junk removal job is too big or even too small for our junk removal company.  Our client provided us with two 12′ dollies that had been used to ship the boxes to Las Vegas. These helped as we don’t have flat dollies this size. We broke down the boxes loaded them on the dollies and then pushed them through the hotel. Once down stairs we loaded two junk removal trailers for the haul away.

Once we completed the junk removal task and our client was happy and off the hook with the hotel it was time to haul all of it away to the Las Vegas transfer center for dumping. We are proud to be a local junk removal company serving the local area. Our client was so pleased with our junk removal team we set up to meet again in February to again provide what ever junk removal services they would require when the next conference in Las Vegas was complete.

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