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Mattress Removal In Henderson | Trash Removal

Mattress Removal In Henderson | Trash Removal

The junk removal phone rang today with a request on a free estimate for a mattress removal in Henderson. After a few simple questions, like was the mattress set indoors or in the garage and what size was the mattress set, our trash removal team was able to provide our customer with a free estimate. The Henderson customer agreed on a price and scheduled an appointment for that same day.

Since the job was just for a mattress removal and it was in Henderson our trash removal team took just the truck and left the trash removal trailer parked. It saves in gas and saves the environment not having to tow such a big trailer. Once we arrived to the Henderson residence our trash removal team stacked the mattresses in the back of the truck bed and securely tied down for hauling away and disposal. Mattress removal is one of the most common jobs for our trash removal team. We usually store the mattresses until we have enough for one full load before we take them in for disposal. These mattresses from Henderson would be no different.

Once we had completed the job and said goodbye it was off to the storage to pack the mattresses in. If you need a free estimate on a mattress removal give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. Most estimates we can provide right over the phone. For you it is a no hassle phone call and if we have to come out to your residence our estimates are still free of charge. Our trash removal team serves not only Henderson but also Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and the surrounding communities. Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal today and schedule your mattress removal estimate!

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