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Mattress Removal Service In Las Vegas

Mattress Removal Service In Las Vegas

Have you recently purchased a new mattress in the Las Vegas area and you come to find out that the mattress company will not take the old mattress away? You might have also found out that the mattress can not be donated. So what do you do with your old mattress? One suggestion is to call a junk removal company in the Las Vegas area to come to your home and remove the mattress. A junk removal company should provide a free estimate for the service of a mattress removal. They will then take the old mattress and have it disposed of properly.

Our junk removal team provides such a service and we provide free mattress removal estimates right over the phone. We don’t try to come to your Las Vegas home and pressure you into a mattress removal service as some junk removal companies will do. If you accept the free mattress removal estimate we will then show up at your scheduled time and remove the mattress from your Las Vegas home, haul it away and properly dispose of the mattress.

One of our junk removal teams most common job is mattress removal. We may remove as many as ten mattresses in one week from all over Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas. We show up promptly on time, and quickly provide a mattress removal. We don’t want to waste your day waiting for us to either show up or do the job slowly.

If you are in need of a mattress removal in Las Vegas give us a call for your free estimate. Our junk removal team is here to answer all of your questions and provide you with the best service possible at the most competitive mattress removal prices. Our junk removal team services all of Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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