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Office Building Trash Removal

Office Building Trash Removal

Our junk removal team was called out by a commercial property management company to go take a look at and estimate the cost of a office building trash removal job.  The old office building had previously been a doctors office and when they vacated the office building they left behind old files, trash and some doctor office equipment.  The office building also had some water damage and ceiling tiles had fallen creating a mess in some of the office rooms.  After walking through the office building we provided an estimate to remove all the trash, the office equipment and leave the building in a swept condition.  Soon after the bank had approved our contract and we were scheduled to come in and take care of the trash removal service.


Our junk removal team arrived and we immediately went to work cleaning the trash out of the building and then the office equipment.  The doctors office was filled with old file boxes and once moved into the junk removal trailer we were ready to dump.  On the first trip the paper files from the office building had weighed an enormous three tons!!  The second trip was not nearly as heavy or as large.  Once the trash was removed from the office building we then went to work sweeping out each office individually leaving the entire building swept and trash free.  After pictures were taken of the office building and emailed to our contact for approval we were then off to dump the rest of the trash we had gathered from the office building.


Our junk removal team not only does many commercial trash removal jobs, from abandoned office buildings to the removal of old office equipment from current office buildings, but we also do residential junk removal jobs.  There is not commercial junk removal job or residential trash removal job that we can not take care of.  If you need an estimate call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for any questions, we are here to help you remove the stress.

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