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Office Equipment Removal | Junk Removal

Office Equipment Removal | Junk Removal

Our junk removal team went to a commercial building in the Henderson area to take a look at a junk removal job that consisted of cleaning out an office building. Once we arrived our junk removal team was shown to the third floor where the maintenance crew had broken down all the modular desks and the partitions that had once made up the offices. It was there that the commercial building manager let us know that we had to remove all the office equipment by the stairwell and not by elevator. The office manager was not only concerned about the weight of the office equipment in the elevator but also the main floor lobby had a marble floor that they did not want to get damaged in any way. After taking a look at the office equipment and considering the stairs in the equation we provided a free estimate. The office manager asked if we could get it done right away and we went to work.

Our junk removal team wheeled the office equipment to the back of the building where the stairwell was and piece by piece carried the office equipment down the long and steep stairs. For the first two hours our team was on the move and feeling good. It was then we hit the wall and each step felt like a mountain to our junk removal team. Nevertheless our junk removal team has no quit and we finished carrying the office equipment out to the junk removal trailer for disposal. Once completed we made two trips, one to the metal recycle facility and the other to a all green facility where every piece of office equipment will get either recycled or reused.

There is no job that our junk removal team cannot handle. From office equipment on the third floor to the simple garage clean out, our junk removal team is there. We are Las Vegas number one junk removal team and we let our referral rate speak for itself!

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