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Old Furniture Junk Removal | Trash Removal

Old Furniture Junk Removal | Trash Removal

Do you have a garage full of old furniture that you want removed?  It’s okay, most of us use the garage as a catch all and old furniture usually finds its way.  Maybe someone in the family gave you furniture and you no longer need it, but you are appreciative when they help you out, however now its time to remove the old furniture since you are tired of looking at it.  The old furniture probably served its purpose until you were able to buy new furniture and now you need to remove the old furniture like you remove trash from the house.  By the time we know it we have a pile of old furniture in the garage and now you need someone to come and remove it for you.  For what looks overwhelming the job can be taken care of in a few short minutes by a professional junk removal company like The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas. Need old furniture and trash removal give us a call for a free estimate.


One of the frequently asked questions when we do an old furniture removal is do we donate?  Not only do we donate your old furniture, but we will also go above and beyond and donate as much of your other trash removal items that we possible can.  What old furniture that can not be donated gets recycled. Just because the furniture is old to you doesn’t mean that it will be old to someone else.


Since we spend a lot of our time donating, reusing and recycling your old furniture and trash we divert a lot of what would go to the local landfills.  The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal donates and recycles up to 60% of all items.


If you need a trash removal or an old furniture removal or just that same old junk removal give us a call for your free estimate.  Trash isn’t always trash and we will help save the landfill from what trash can be reused, recycled and donated.

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