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Paper Clean Up In A Commercial Building

Paper Clean Up In A Commercial Building

We had a request today from one of our returning customers for us to come to his commercial building to remove all the paper that was in his building from all the work they have been doing. They use stickers in the work they do and had a build up of paper backing in the commercial building making it hard for them to work around on the future work that was coming in. Since this is a returning client, they were aware already of the pricing for the paper clean up in the commercial building. We then scheduled an appointment to come in and clean all the paper out of the commercial building. He requested an immediate appointment because they couldn’t even walk around the area to complete the work that they were currently trying to complete.

We arrived at the commercial building and went to work. We first removed all the paper out of the commercial trash can that they have outside the building and then went through the shop emptying all the trash cans around the area. After all the paper was cleaned out giving them room to throw any other paper products away we then we to work on the shop floor. They had approximately six employees working with the paper and just throwing it onto the commercial shop floor making the building a mess. We swept up the paper and picked up all the empty boxes and then cleaned up the work benches. Once we were done the commercial building shop floor was clean and the work area clean of all the paper and the trash that was all over.

If you have a commercial building or a home residence that you need junk removed from give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call. We serve both commercial and residential. We dont just clean up paper but all the junk that you may need removed.

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