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Proper Lifting Techniques | Junk Removal

Proper Lifting Techniques | Junk Removal

When you perform junk removal jobs like carrying a giant projection TV downstairs you need to perform proper lifting techniques.  You may start to cringe when you think of moving or lifting the monster TV you once loved back in the day when they were all the rage.  What once was the beloved center piece of your living room is now that thing you loathe the most especially when you think of the heavy monster you have to lift.


Fortunately, there are professional junk removal companies that tackle these beasts on a daily basis and have the proper lifting techniques to remove them from your home.  Granted junk removal teams also cringe at the sight of the heavy beast but for their sake they have developed proper lifting techniques to remove it from your home. Here is a little bit of information about how to avoid more excruciating pain than what you endure when thinking about how to get rid of the TV.


For starters, everyone has heard this before, lift with your legs and not with your back.  Your legs are your strongest muscle.  You might be tired of hearing this cliche but its the truth when it comes to proper lifting techniques.  Junk Removal teams know this if they want to keep working without the back pain.  Use a back supporter when lifting to keep your core straight and proper.  Don’t be Hercules and just go all in, use the proper lifting techniques to survive another day and another lift.


If you really want to save your back, your legs and your overall body both physically and emotionally then call a junk removal company to come in and use proper lifting techniques to remove any and all of your junk and trash.  We not only use proper lifting techniques to remove the unwanted items but we also take them for disposal which relieves all your stress and anxieties.  Call  The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas at 702-600-6994 for your free junk removal estimates.

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