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Recycle Junk | Junk Removal

Recycle Junk | Junk Removal

How important is recycling junk to the earth? ‘The EPA estimates that approximately 70% of all solid waste or junk is recyclable. That equals close to 1.5 billion tons of junk each year in our landfills that could be recycled!

While our junk removal company takes pride in its recycling efforts, we are but one small entity in a big picture. Everyone should make the effort to recycle on a full time basis.  We commend all who have made the effort to recycle the junk and not just throw in away to fill the landfills.

Most people don’t realize what can be recycled. Its may seem like a huge task but really could become second nature after a short period of time. Our junk removal company took the time to learn what junk that we pick up could and couldn’t be recycled and once we were informed it became very easy. Take the time to find out by making a few phone calls to your local waste management company and inform yourself of what junk can be recycled and if they have any special conditions on how you should recycle.

Practice and education is the beginning and end of recycling of junk. At first it will seem daunting but as you continue the practice of recycling junk and educating yourself on what can be recycled it will become as easy as you want it to be. Educate your friends, family and neighbors and make recycling junk second nature for everyone. Just a little effort behind recycling can make a major impact in our communities and the well being of the environment. You may think you are small in the fight to recycle junk but you are not. Keep up the work. Junk removal making a difference.

Our junk removal company, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas will do our part as we have junk removal jobs. We will continue our efforts and we hope you do as well.

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