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Recycle Plastic | Junk Removal

Recycle Plastic | Junk Removal

Shop at any market or retail store and you probably will take home items or products packaged in plastic or bagged in plastic, often you will take home many plastic bags and instead of recycling the plastic you throw it in the garbage.  Plastic junk and trash enters your homes everyday from the stores, shipping containers or just the plastic wrap seal around just about every household item that you purchase.


Recycling plastic junk and trash actually consumes greater processing energy than is required for recycling glass and metal, and not all plastics can be recycled.  The good news is that newer generations of plastics are environmentally safer and can be more easily recycled and reused for other purposes.


Today’s RPET (a biodegradable plastic) may be recycled and turned into a new generations of containers, blister packs, packaging materials and collections trays among many other uses.  The also can become fabrics durable for outerwear clothing and footwear!  Your jacket, ski gloves, or just a plain old t-shirt and jeans may be made almost of entirely recycled plastic materials.  reconstituted plastics are also found in an increasing number of fashionable accessories like handbags, jewelry and scarves.


When it comes to recycling everything from plastics to metal, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas is there for you and our earth.  Our junk removal team prides itself on its recycling efforts.  Just because its junk or trash to you doesn’t mean its just junk or trash.  When our junk removal team comes in to remove items from your home doesn’t mean we end our junk removal job there.  Our junk removal team will then go back to the shop and sift through to remove all the recyclable and donatable items in your load and then we dump the rest.  Nothing goes to the dump if it can be recycled, reused or donated!  Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas today for your free junk removal estimate!

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