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Recycle Refrigerator In Las Vegas | Junk Removal

Recycle Refrigerator In Las Vegas | Junk Removal

During the holidays and all the Black Friday sells did you go out and purchase a new refrigerator and now its time to get rid of that old, money chugging clunky refrigerator that you use to use. Maybe you have ones of those money sucking refrigerators in the garage that holds nothing but soda and beer but is costing you a ton of money each year. Time to recycle those old refrigerators. Did you know that your old refrigerator can use up to four times the energy of a newer model? Why not recycle that thing and get a new one and start saving that money?

Now what to do with the old refrigerator? You cant leave it on the curb for the trash man. Call your local junk removal company to come to your home and remove that old thing today. A reliable junk removal company will take and haul away your old refrigerator for you and take it to the local Las Vegas recycle center.

Whatever you may do don’t take it to the dump. The refrigerator will end up at the landfill and simply pollute the environment. Always recycle so that it can be reused and disposed of in the correct way. Refrigerators made prior to 2005 typically contain toxic foam and those made prior to 1995 contain toxic refrigerants, all of which will pollute our environment. So how ever you decide to get rid of that old refrigerator always think recycle! Recycle not only saves the environment but precious metals get reused on other products.

We would like to give you an easy and cheap solution. Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas. Our junk removal team will come to your home and haul away that old refrigerator and dispose of it at the local recycle facility. Our junk removal company will provide you with a free junk removal estimate.

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