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Remove A Hot Tub | Las Vegas | Henderson | North Las Vegas

Remove A Hot Tub | Las Vegas | Henderson | North Las Vegas

We receive many phone calls asking us if we can remove a hot tub from the back yard? How do we remove a hot tub? Do we crane the hot tub out of the yard to remove it? How long does it take to remove a hot tub? Most clients feel they are stuck with the hot tub in the yard because they just don’t know how they will get it out. That’s where we come in The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas, we come in and remove the hot tub for you giving you your yard back and hauling away the eyesore.

When you phone us for your free estimate, we can answer any one of your questions. We will explain to you exactly how we remove your hot tub for you. If you accept the price for removal we then schedule an appointment for us to come in and take care of the hot tub removal. We have had many different types of hot tubs, some have been in the ground, some large and some small. We even had a hot tub removal that was so easy we had to lower the price for our client. When he called he did not mention the hot tub was round! We actually tipped it on its side and literally rolled it right out of the yard and into the junk removal dump trailer!!! Hot tub removal is not usually so easy, it takes time and safety. We rarely remove the hot tub in one piece rather we cut the hot tub into many chunks removing it piece at a time. No matter what we will be able to remove that hot tub from your yard and leave you with a clean space to use how ever you wish.

Removing a hot tub is only one of the many things we do. We are a full service junk and trash removal company locally owned and operated in the Las Vegas area. If you would like to schedule an appointment to remove your hot tub you may reach us at 702-600-6994. So don’t live with that unusable hot tub any longer, give us a call. We believe we have the cheapest hot tub removal prices in the area but with the highest quality available.

We also provide the following services, trash removal service, a junk removal service, a furniture removal service, Appliance removal service, Refrigerator removal service, mattress removal service, carpet removal service, TV removal service, Tire removal service, Computer recycling service, Yard debris removal service, Rubbish removal service, Garbage Removal service, Dumpster alternative, Hot Tub removal service, Swing Set removal service, Construction Debris removal service, Gazebo Removal service, BBQ removal service, and just about anything else you can think of. You want your garage cleaned out, your yard cleaned up or your house junk gone


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