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Remove A Swing Set | Las Vegas | Junk Removal

Remove A Swing Set | Las Vegas | Junk Removal

The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas received a call today from a loyal customer located in the Las Vegas Summerlin area requesting that we remove her swing set in her backyard that her children had out grown. She told us she wanted to get a pool and the swing set was in the way. After describing the swing set over the phone we provided her a estimate which she agreed and we scheduled the junk removal for later in the day when she was home from work.
When we arrived to her Las Vegas Summerlin home to remove the swing set the first thing we did was remove all the swings and chains along with the teeter totter and slide. Then we started removing the lag bolts that held the swing set frame in place. The wood was somewhat rotten and full of splinters so we had to carefully lower each piece of the frame for the swing set so no one would get hurt. Once the frame for the swing set was removed we started digging out the cement anchors that were poured in the ground to hold the swing set sturdy while the children would play. Once everything was on the ground we then broke out the chain saw and started cutting the swing set frame into chunks making the transportation of them easier and safer for the crew.
Once the swing set parts and swing set frame were completely removed from the yard our crew went back to rack the yard of the debris and sweep the patio leaving her backyard as clean as could be. We then hauled away the broke down swing set to the local Las Vegas transfer center for disposal.
Here at the Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal company in Las Vegas takes the extra step for all our Las Vegas customers not just the previous ones. Once you are a customer of The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas you are a customer for life.

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