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Remove An Old Junk Gazego In Las Vegas

Remove An Old Junk Gazego In Las Vegas

Our junk removal crew went out to a Las Vegas home today to look at and give an estimate to remove an old broken down gazebo that was sitting above a hot tub. The costumer only wanted to remove the old gazebo but leave the hot tub in its place. The hot tub still worked and he had plans to put up a nicer gazebo and creating a nicer look for his Las Vegas home backyard. We discussed exactly what he wanted and provided a free estimate to remove the old junk gazebo. The Las Vegas costumer agreed with the estimate and since the junk removal crew was there and ready we were able to perform the old gazebo removal right away.

The real factor in removing the old junk gazebo was bringing it down with out damaging the hot tub in any way. The hot tub of course was way too heavy being filled with water to move anywhere. So we climbed to the top with our reciprocating saws and started cutting away the old gazebo piece by piece handing down the top to the junk crew on the ground. Once the top of the old gazebo was removed we then started taking the sides down. It took us a little longer since we had to be careful not to damage the hot tub but we got the job done and now the old junk looking gazebo is gone and hauled away to the Las Vegas transfer center for disposal.

Now his Las Vegas home was ready for a makeover in the back yard. He was happy with the results and we thanked him and left him to think about what the next gazebo would look like. If you are looking to remove an old gazebo from you Las Vegas home give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. We not only remove old junk gazebos but will remove any junk and trash you need gone. We serve Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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