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Remove BBQ | Henderson

Remove BBQ | Henderson

Today our company received a request from a new customer on an estimate to remove a BBQ from a backyard in the Henderson area. After a few necessary questions about the BBQ we were able to give our customer an estimate on the BBQ removal from the backyard. Once we agreed on the quote we then scheduled a time to come to the Henderson home to remove the BBQ from their backyard.

When we arrived at the appointed time we went to work. The BBQ removal was a bit more complex then once thought but that wouldn’t stop us from removing the BBQ from the backyard. Since the BBQ wouldn’t fit through the fence as is we had to break it down into pieces. The first thing is always safety. We made sure our safety glasses were on and gloves on our hands. We then turned off the gas to the BBQ and disconnected it from the gas line coming in to it from the ground. We then removed the actual BBQ from the stand and the side burner, leaving the housing to be removed. from the yard  Then out came the sledge hammer and the pry bar. We were able to break the BBQ into four big pieces and many smaller pieces which were then carried from the backyard and placed into the dump trailer.

After we were done with the BBQ removal from the backyard we then went to work cleaning the area of all the debris and dirt leaving the patio ready for the home owner to use for his pleasure.

If you are in need of a BBQ removal from your property or place of residence give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call at 702-600-6994 for a free estimate. You sit down and relax while we remove the unwanted junk from your home.

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