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Remove Dead Grass | Junk Removal

Remove Dead Grass | Junk Removal

With the shortage of rain in the Las Vegas area and the upcoming water conservations that are sure to follow, grass is not doing so well in the Las Vegas area and surely going to do much worse once the hot summer is upon us. Our junk removal team received a call to come do an estimate on a Las Vegas home that had removed all the dead grass in the back yard. They had piled the dead grass up and were ready for our junk removal team to come and take it away and dispose of it for them. The Las Vegas home owners were in the process of changing to an artificial turf and ready to help save the water. Our junk removal team was able to provide a free estimate by measuring out the dead grass pile and calculating how many cubic yards it was. The Las Vegas transfer center charges by the cubic yard to dump and so goes our pricing. The estimate was accepted and our junk removal team scheduled an appointment to return and take care to remove the dead grass.

Our junk removal team arrived at the scheduled time with our wheel barrels, rakes and shovels ready to go to work. Since the grass was dead and had had time to dry up it made it a lighter and easier load to haul away. In less then an hour our junk removal team had finished removing the dead grass and we raked the area clean and swept up after ourselves leaving the area clean and ready for the next phase for the Las Vegas home owner.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal team has done many junk removal jobs, from dead grass to removal of hot tubs. We also do full foreclosure and estate clean outs. Call today for your free junk removal estimate.

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