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Remove Junk From The Backyard | Las Vegas

Remove Junk From The Backyard | Las Vegas

Is your backyard filled with junk and trash like old appliances, children’s play sets, or lawn furniture? Now you would like to remove the junk from your backyard? We can help. This spring let’s make your junk-filled backyard a place to relax, have family get together and night time BBQ’s. We understand that it is hard to envision a yard like this when there is so much clutter, but underneath it all there is a new place for entertaining and celebrating. Let us help by removing junk from the backyard. Once we are done you can enjoy the backyard the way you always wanted.

The first step after clearing a space should be planning what you want your new space to look like. Do you want a fire pit, a grill, pool, or maybe even a spot to build a patio cover or gazebo? Once the junk is removed from the backyard you can do what ever you have envisioned with your backyard. Its all up to you. We will remove all the junk leaving you with a clean slate to plan your ideas. Designing an outdoor space with shrubs, flowers, decks, and trees are essential to make your space feel unique and beautiful to you and your taste. Don’t forget – to make this makeover possible, you have to get  rid of your junk! The sky is the limit, but you first must hire a junk removal company to come in and help you remove the junk from the backyard.

We have gone in backyards that have just a few junk items to backyards that have so much junk you can not even see the grass! No matter the junk removal job we are there for you. No job is too big or too small for us. We remove a number of items, some of which you would never think of. All jobs are unique to the owners situation. Some of the items we remove are: Appliance removal, Refrigerator removal, mattress removal, furniture removal, carpet removal, TV removal, Tire removal, Computer recycling, Yard debris removal, Rubbish removal, Garbage Removal, Trash removal, Dumpster alternative, Hot Tub removal, Swing Set removal, Construction Debris removal, Gazebo Removal, BBQ removal, and just about anything else you can think of. You want a garage clean out, a yard clean up or a house junk gone, no problem! Don’t let your home be overtaken by junk, let us haul away the junk for you.




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