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Remove Mirror From Red Rock Home

Remove Mirror From Red Rock Home

Our company went out to a Red Rock home this past weekend to remove mirror that they had piled in the garage of the home. The red rock home owners had just moved in and are doing some remodeling of the home. In the red rock home was two full mirrored walls that they had taken down and stacked in the garage. There was far too much mirror to place in the garbage cans so the red rock home owners gave us a call for a free estimate to come to the red rock home to remove and haul away the mirror. We were able to provide the home owner with a free estimate right over the phone based on description of how much mirror needed to be removed.

Once we arrived we were able to pull right into the driveway and start loading the mirror in to the junk removal trailer. It didn’t take long but we were very carful. The mirror was all broken up and there were many very sharp pieces of mirror to carry and load into the truck. We made sure safety first with gloves and safety glasses. Once the broken mirror had been picked up and the garage swept clean we were done. The owners then requested a few more items go into the junk removal trailer for haul away, which was no problem since we were there the price only varied slightly.

This was the first time we had been to the red rock estates and they are beautiful homes in a beautiful neighborhood. We enjoyed meeting the new red rock home owners and appreciated that they called us for their junk removal needs.

If you have any type of junk removal needs give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. We remove all kinds of junk items, no job too big or too small. We serve not only the red rock area but Las Vegas and Henderson.

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