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Remove Old Couch

Remove Old Couch

If your household, or wherever you call home, is anything like mine, then you probably have an old couch stashed away somewhere in your house.  It may have started as a “time to replace the old couch”, but you lost out to your better half since it had some stains and rips.  However, rather than get rid the couch, you used your skillful negotiating skills and found a way to keep it tucked in the corner of the spare bedroom.  Now the couch has been sitting for years, pets have abused it, kids have ruined it and now you need to have the darn thing removed from your home.  Worry not, for old couch removal in Las Vegas call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal to make sure it ends up in the right hands so that if possible it will get donated or recycled in some way.


Old couch removal in Las Vegas.


The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas has a very simple process to remove the old couch from your home.  Your part is to call and schedule an old couch removal at your desired time, from there our junk removal team shows up and you point to the location and then relax.  Our team will then carry the old couch to the removal trailer and from there we decide if it is worthy of a donation or will it go for recycling.  If we are able to donate it we will collect the donatable receipt and send it to you since it was your charitable contribution.  See, easy old couch removal and now the eyesore is gone from your Las Vegas home.


When you are ready for the old couch to be removed give our junk removal team a call at 702-600-6994 where we are waiting to answer all of your questions.  When it comes to old couch removal in Las Vegas, nobody makes it more stress free than The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal!

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