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Remove Stage From Hotel Grand Opening

Remove Stage From Hotel Grand Opening

The SLS Hotel recently had a grand opening event and our junk removal team was called out to help remove stages that had been built for the event.  We had been in constant communication with the company that had built the stages for the hotel opening and in the early morning hours after the hotel grand opening was complete or junk removal team met with the contact and immediately went to work.


Once in the hotel and ready to go our junk removal team began by breaking down the stages so they could be removed and taken to the junk removal trailer.  The stages were very heavy and couldn’t be moved as a whole since the hotel did not have doors to accommodate the removal.  One by one our junk removal team went on remove the stages from the hotel and in a few short hours we had all the stages loaded and ready to be hauled away.  The SLS Hotel looked amazing and they looked like they had put on quite a show for the grand opening event.  We were proud to be the junk removal team that was called out to help clear the event once the grand opening was over.  The stages were beautifully done but now they were ready to be hauled away and recycled out.


Our junk removal team has done a few hotel events, from shows to conferences and always we are proud to be the junk removal team of choice.  The grand opening was a hit and before the public showed up we had all the stages cleared and the area cleaned and ready to go.  Our junk removal team doesn’t only do grand opening events, we also provide junk removal for commercial buildings and residential homes.  Grand openings don’t come every day but our junk removal team is always ready and prepared to do any job.  Call today for your free estimate!

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