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Removed A Buried Hot Tub | Hot Tub Removal

Removed A Buried Hot Tub | Hot Tub Removal

Our junk removal team drove out to the south point area of Las Vegas to remove a hot tub that was buried in the ground. Most hot tub removals consist of a hot tub within a self contained cabinet. This particular hot tub removal was different since it had no cabinet but was buried into the ground. We had talked to the Las Vegas owner previous to arriving at the scheduled appointment and he had explained that the hot tub was buried. We provided a free estimate and scheduled a time to remove the buried hot tub.

Once we arrived at the Las Vegas home we began removing the hot tub from the top down. Taking the cover off and then hoping into the tub. We had to cut it up from the inside of the hot tub since it was buried we couldn’t cut it up from the outside. Another difference from a self contained hot tub is once we cut a stand alone hot tub we are able to break it down quite easily but a hot tub that is buried has the foundation of the dirt to hold it up so we had to go to the pry bars to break it up once we were done cutting. Piece by piece we removed it from the buried hole and placed the hot tub in pieces onto the patio. Once that was done we started carrying the chunks of what once was a buried hot tub out to the junk removal trailer for haul away and off to the Las Vegas disposal facility. Removing a buried hot tub took a bit more effort but buried or stand alone we get the job done. Our junk removal team finished the job by sweeping up the patio and making sure no trash was left behind.

Even though the hot tub was buried we were still able to remove it in a timely manner. If you need a hot tub removed in the Las Vegas area, buried or not, we are here for you. Call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your hot tub removal jobs.

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