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Removed An Old Jet Ski In North Las Vegas | Junk Removal

Removed An Old Jet Ski In North Las Vegas | Junk Removal

Received a call from one of the investors that use our junk removal team to go to one of his North Las Vegas properties and remove an old jet ski that had been left behind on the side of the house. We talked it over and once we arrived at the North Las Vegas home to remove the old jet ski we couldn’t help but laugh to ourselves. This old jet ski must have been sitting in the North Las Vegas yard for some time. We had never removed an old jet ski before and this would be a learning experience for our junk removal team.

Once we were set up with the junk removal trailer, we were ready to try and accomplish the task of moving this old jet ski. Since we only send out two workers at a time for our junk removal jobs this would be a task. The old jet ski was far to heavy to pick up for two people and carry to the junk removal trailer. But our junk removal team never gives up and no junk removal job is too big, too small or too difficult for us. We then retrieved a four wheel furniture dolly and together the two of us lifted the back end of the old jet ski and placed the furniture dolly under the rear of the jet ski. This allowed us to now lift the front of the ski and maneuver it to the junk removal trailer. We then tipped the trailer in a down position which lowered the open end so that we didn’t have to lift the old jet ski up as high. Once the front of the old jet ski was in we lifted the back and just slid in into the junk removal trailer. Once we closed the doors we were ready to haul off and dispose of the old jet ski at the North Las Vegas transfer center.

If you have any junk removal job, even an odd one as an old jet ski, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate. Our junk removal team services, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas.

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