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Removed Hospital Equipment | Las Vegas

Removed Hospital Equipment | Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas junk removal team received a call today from a client based in the state of Washington. She wanted to know if we could go to one of their medical facilities here in the Las Vegas are to remove some very old and outdated hospital equipment. We discussed with her the type and size of the hospital equipment and from her description, which was very detailed we were able to provide a free estimate right over the phone. Once she accepted she provided us with operating hours of the medical facility so that we could schedule a time to go by and remove the old hospital equipment.

Once we arrived to the medical facility in Las Vegas we were shown in and to a back room to where this hospital equipment was being stored. It was in a room that they currently use and was just in the way. The old hospital equipment was an outdated blood analyzer. It looked very old even to us and we don’t even know what a new one would look like. Not only was it big but this old hunk of junk hospital equipment was also very heavy and therefore hard to remove from the table it had been sitting on for years. But never to be discouraged, even by the dust we kicked up removing the hospital equipment, we were able to get it down and onto the dolly. We then took it outside the building and loaded the hospital equipment up for hauling away and disposal at the Las Vegas e-waste facility.

If you are looking for a junk removal company that will do the job and do it professionally then you need to call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas. We remove everything from old hospital equipment to hot tubs. No junk removal job in the Las Vegas area is too big or too small.

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