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Removed Old Furniture From A Sun City Home

Removed Old Furniture From A Sun City Home

Got a call to go out to sun city summerlin today to remove a garage full of furniture that was left behind in the garage by the old renters. When the sun city home owner called she was in a bit of a panic because she had new renters coming to move in and she had no idea of how to get rid of this old furniture. She called us and asked if we serve the sun city area which of course we do and then she asked if we removed old furniture and what do we do with the old furniture once we have loaded it in the junk removal trailer.

We explained that we do our best to donate all removed furniture. There are certain criteria that the donation center follows. They wont take any and all old furniture. The old furniture can not have tears, stains or badly worn areas they old furniture also can not have a lot of pet hair on it. We do our best to donate all old furniture that we remove unfortunately some of the old furniture has to go to the local transfer center for disposal.

She was good with that and scheduled an appointment for us to come to the sun city area and remove all the old furniture. When we told her we could come out immediately for her since she was in a bind she was very happy. We arrived at the sun city home and removed all the old furniture which included a mattress, three box springs, two desks and sectional couch and some miscellaneous book shelves. Some of the old furniture would be able to be donated but a majority because it was marked up with permanent marker would have to be disposed of.

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