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Rental Property Junk And Trash Removal

Rental Property Junk And Trash Removal

An investor out of California called our junk removal team the other day and requested we go out to his Henderson rental property and provide him an estimate to remove all the junk, trash, old furniture, mattresses and whatever else was in the rental property left behind by the previous tenants. We arrived to the Henderson rental property and evaluated the junk and trash removal task to be completed and then called the investor and let him know how much it would cost to clean up his rental property. The investor requested that we do it immediately and we went to work right there.

Our junk removal team removed couches, tables, mattresses, TV’s, clothes, junk and trash from all over the rental property. We then cleaned out all the cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway closets. We even cleaned out the refrigerator which had been left full of food. Then our junk removal team went to work in the garage of the rental property. In there we found old furniture, a stove, tools and trash everywhere. In the backyard were old boxes and bags of trash to be hauled away. Once the junk was removed we then swept the rental property home clean and locked the doors behind us. After sending pictures to the investor he was able to immediately pay our junk removal company. We look forward to helping him in the future with all his rental properties.

If you have had a renter move out of your rental property and you need all the junk and trash removed give us a call for your free estimate. We work with many investors, property managers, realtors and brokers removing trash, junk and everything else from rental properties, foreclosure properties, REO Properties and much more. Our junk removal team is second to none in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

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