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Replace A Toilet

Replace A Toilet

If you have a toilet that you need to replace and are thinking the project may be to difficult to take on. Replacing a toilet may be an easier task then you may think. Here are some easy tips on how to replace a toilet.

Before you begin be sure to have all your tools and equipment ready to go. You dont want to be running around when you replace a toilet. You will need some old towels because there will be some water to wipe up.

Before you begin to replace the toilet, be sure you shut the water off behind the toilet by turning the shut off valve. You may then begin the process of replace the toilet. After flushing the toilet a few times to clear the water out of the tank, disconnect the water line. Now that the water is off and empty to remove the toilet you unscrew the nuts at the base of the existing toilet. Once the nuts are off the base of the toilet, you may then rock the toilet back and forth to break the seal. You may lift the toilet away from the floor and take away.

to install the new toilet you place a new wax ring on the new bowl. The tapered side of the wax ring faces away from the bowl and will enter into the drain. You then lift the new toilet up and onto the new floor bolts. Make sure the toilet is nicely seated to the floor and then bolt down the base of the toilet. Once tight you may then place a bead of caulk around the base to cover any gaps. This is done for cosmetic reasons and not to stop water. You may then connect the water line to the new toilet and turn the water supply on. Make sure there are no leaks by flushing the toilet a few times making sure all the mechanics work correctly.

Now that you replaced the old toilet with a new one, how do you get rid of the junk old one. The old toilet wont exactly fit in the garbage can and the collectors might not lift in the truck for you. One way is to call a junk removal company. The junk removal company will come to your residence, and haul away the toilet for you. Junk removal services are the easy way to go and you wont be left with an old toilet in the garage or yard.

Replacing a toilet is not hard to do just take your time. Call a junk removal company to remove the old toilet and enjoy your new one. Replace the toilet and call a junk removal company to haul away the old one, with some simple steps in between…

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