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Residential Cleanout

Residential Cleanout Services In Las Vegas

Are you unable to park your car because of all the mess in your garage? Or perhaps you can’t renovate that spare room that has now become the household version of a landfill. It happens. It’s easy for clutter to accumulate, especially when removing it often poses more hassle than keeping it.

Still, sacrificing all your valuable space and resources because you can’t find a high-quality junk removal option that is also affordable is —in our opinion— unacceptable. And we’ve decided to take action.

Here at The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, we can take care of all your residential cleanouts in Las Vegas and Henderson, including the following:

  • Garage Cleanout
  • Full Home Cleanout
  • Move Out Cleanout
  • Home Renovation Cleanout

To get an estimate and your residential cleanout done the same day, call (702) 600-6994 today!

We Execute The Job Better Than Possible!

In any residential cleanout, there is a lot of junk to be removed as there are obstacles to achieving it. Mistakes can cost time and money, but with our residential cleanout services, you can rest easy, knowing the job will always be accomplished:

When you see big piles of junk in your home, it’s hard to imagine how they can be gone the same day. If you ask any of our previous satisfied customers, they won’t see it as tricky. With The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, you can tackle your residential cleanouts even on the same day.

Our 30 cubic-yard trucks and crew can take away all your junk in a single trip! We are the best partners for bulk residential junk removal in Las Vegas and Henderson.

If you’ve been waiting to get your residential property cleaned out for far too long, you don’t want to keep getting delayed because junk removal companies can’t haul away all the different types of waste you may have.

The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal can. We haul all waste types following local guidelines and regulations, including the dreaded hazardous waste from items like TVs, air conditioners, etc, and recycle 60% of the items we haul away.

If removing one junk item can be costly, you’d blow out the bank doing a full residential cleanout. With any other option, that isn’t our affordable residential cleanout services, that is. At The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal, we can give you a competitive fee for your cleanout project that already includes labor and dump fees.

When you call, you’ll receive an instant estimate with no hidden fees after thoroughly assessing your needs, thanks to 11 years of experience in the industry!

Get An Instant Estimate Today!

Have you got a big residential cleanout ahead? You know you’ve also got the best company to leave it to. Your local experts at The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal will tackle any residential cleanout project in Las Vegas and Henderson at competitive prices. We also provide a 15% senior, military, and property manager discount (depending on the size). Call (702) 600-6994 today!

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