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Shed Removal | Henderson

Shed Removal | Henderson

Our company received a recent call from a new customer in Henderson Nevada requesting an estimate on a shed removal from his backyard. After discussing the specifics of the shed removal with the customer we were informed it was all aluminum and still put together. It also had a wood foundation that he wanted removed along with the shed. Once the estimate was given to the Henderson customer and agreed upon, we scheduled a time to be in Henderson at his residence for his shed removal.

Our two man uniformed team arrived in Henderson at the scheduled time and made our way to the backyard where the shed was standing. We proceeded to remove the shed by taking first the doors off and then removing the roof of the shed. Once that was accomplished we then took one wall down at a time always being aware of safety since the metal walls of the shed could be sharp and injure one of our employees. At that time the metal shed was fully disassembled and stacked in the yard. Then we took apart the wood foundation by separating the wood and pounding down the nails. It was off to the junk removal trailer after that. We loaded the junk removal trailer with all the metal and wood. The job is never complete at that time. With the shed removal as with all our jobs we go back and clean the area with brooms, rakes and/or blowers.

With the Henderson shed removal complete, we then hauled the junk to our shop where we separated the metal and wood for recycling. We are proud of our recycling and donation programs. Only junk goes to the junk yard, everything else gets recycled, reused, or donated.

If you are in need of a shed removal or any other junk removal, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call at 702-600-6994 for your free estimate. Your schedule is our schedule, you relax we load and haul. Hassle free for you!!!!

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