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Our junk removal team arrived at a Las Vegas home today to remove not only a spa but a gazebo that surrounded the spa and decking. The gazebo had windows and a fresh air hole on top for the steam to vent. The decking surrounded the spa. All the wood in the gazebo and the decking was redwood but after years of not keeping up it had rotted and was no longer savable. The spa had not been used in five years and was full of dirt and trash along with a cover that was extremely rotted. The resident of the Las Vegas home just wanted the whole spa and gazebo removed from the yard so she could plant a garden in her Las Vegas backyard.

Our junk removal team went right to work with the demolition of the gazebo. We started by removing the roof of the gazebo and then the walls. Once the gazebo was demoed we went to work on the red wood deck around the spa. After carrying the pieces of the gazebo and the deck to the junk removal trailer we began cutting the spa into four pieces and carrying those out to the junk removal trailer. Our junk removal team then completed the job by cleaning up the Las Vegas backyard and making it ready for the owner to start her garden.

Our junk removal team has done over a hundred spas and hot tubs, some of those spas have had gazebos and some have decks but for the most part the spa is an individual self contained hot tub. However our junk removal team has seen them all and has the experience and the expertise to remove any hot tub and spa. If you have a spa you need removed and you live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson give us a call for a free estimate. We are here to answer all your questions.

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