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Spa And Gazebo Removal | Las Vegas

Spa and Gazebo Removal | Las Vegas

We recently received a call from a new customer requesting an estimate on a spa and gazebo removal from the Las Vegas home. Some of the questions we asked so that we could provide a good estimate for the spa and gazebo removal was, was the spa above ground or was the spa below ground? What size was the spa? Was the spa currently hooked up to the breaker box? How big was the gazebo? Those are some of the general questions asked when providing an estimate on spa and gazebo removal.

Once the estimate was agreed upon we then set up a date and time for the removal of the spa and gazebo. When we arrived the owners greeted us out front of their home. We walked around the back and took a look at the job and immediately went to work. The first thing we did was take out the saw saws and went to work cutting down the gazebo removing it in sections. We began with the roof of the gazebo, worked down to the walls and finally the footings. The gazebo went smoothly and piece by piece it was removed from the back yard. Then it was on to the spa. The first thing we did was shut off the breaker to the spa and then capped the electrical wires off at the junction box leaving everything safe. Then again with the saw saws we cut the spa in four sections and then cut the bottom section out. Piece by piece we hualed the spa out to the dump trailer.

Just because the spa and gazebo removal was complete didn’t mean we were done with our work. We raked the area cleaning all the debris up and the pine needles that surrounded the area. The backyard didn’t look the same when we were done. it was so much bigger and ready for whatever the owners had planned on doing with their new found space.

If you have a spa and gazebo removal job waiting to get done call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas at 702-600-6994 for your free estimate.

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