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Spa Removal Services | Las Vegas | Hot Tub Removal

Spa Removal Services | Las Vegas | Hot Tub Removal

When a Las Vegas home owner first purchases a spa or a hot tub everything is great. You relax in the spa, ease the muscles in the hot tub. In the winter you climb into the hot water of the spa and just kick back. Then the Las Vegas summer jumps on you with the triple digit temperatures and the hot tub gets neglected, the water in the hot tub never gets cleaned. Year after year this happens and before you know it you have a spa you need removed, a hot tub that hasn’t been used in years. Time to call a junk removal company for the removal services. What started as a pleasure turned into an eyesore and just not worth it.

Maybe you purchased a Las Vegas home and it had a spa in the backyard that was neglected for years and the hot tub has no chance of returning to its former glory. You need to call a spa removal service to come out and clean it out of the yard.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas has the tools that are needed and the experience to remove the spa from your yard. Our junk removal team will come in and expertly remove the hot tub and clean the area. We will also cap the electrical at the nearest junction box making it safe for you.

Our spa removal services as the best in the Las Vegas area. We are fast, efficient and competitive with our spa removal services pricing. If you need a hot tub removal service don’t hesitate to call with any questions you might have. Our spa removal service estimates are free.

Once we have removed the spa from your Las Vegas home and hauled it away for disposal you would never know there was once a hot tub in your yard.

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