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Storage Unit Waste Of Money

Storage Unit Waste Of Money

Have you ever sat down and evaluated the cost of your storage unit and what you have in the storage unit that is worth anything. If you did you would be amazed how much money you waste! In both your home or your business, storage space is something that there never seems to be enough of. When you run out of space you immediately run out and pay for a storage unit to provide more space for you to store things you may never use or see again.

Most of the time, the storage unit is intended to be for a very short time or a quick fix for your current storage problems. Don’t get it wrong when storage units are used for a short period of time they are a great option but when used for a long period you are just a waste of your money and a drain on your bank account. Because in most cases people end up leaving the items in storage much longer then they expected wasting money each and every month.

Storage units are clearly not needed for the day to day life activities. If they were needed everyday, the items that are stored would not be in a storage facility! Leaving your belongings in a storage unit may not seem like a complete waste when you look at the monthly bill since most storage unit leases are month to month and not long term. However when at the end of the year you add up the wasted cost of the storage unit it can be surprisingly high and ultimately may actually be a big waste of money.

If you take the time to break down the cost of the storage unit you can see how quickly those wasted costs add up. A storage unit depending on size can cost you anywhere from $1200 to $3000 each year. If you have that storage for 2 years could you imagine your stuff worth $6000? Personal and sentimental things have a different value but furniture and such can be replaced for much cheaper.

If you act now you can stop wasting money and start saving. Call a junk removal company and have them clean out the storage, donating and reusing what it can, and dumping the rest. The cost of the junk removal company is probably the same as two months rental, but from there its all money in your pocket and not a waste of money. Stop wasting money today and call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for a free estimate.

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