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Summerlin Hot Tub Removal

Summerlin Hot Tub Removal

A resident in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas asked our junk removal team if it was possible to remove the hot tub in the yard along with the decking but leave the gazebo. So our team went by the Summerlin home to take a look at what she wanted done. Really we needed to make sure the gazebo was not attached and supported by the hot tub in any way. Once our junk removal team assessed the situation and told her definitely we could do the hot tub removal and the deck removal without taking down the gazebo. The structures were supported on their own and not by each other. Our junk removal team provided a free estimate to complete the job and she was excited to get it done so we stayed and began the hot tub removal for her.

The first thing our junk removal team had to do was remove the decking around the hot tub so that we could then get to the structure of the hot tub. Once the decking was removed and out of the way we were able to break down the wood structure of the hot tub. The our junk removal team went to work on cutting the hot tub into pieces with our reciprocating saw. Then piece by piece our junk removal team carried the hot tub out of the Summerlin backyard. Once the area was clean and ready to go we then capped the electrical making it safe for the Summerlin resident.

Hot tub removal jobs are just one of the junk removal jobs we perform. We also take any junk and trash and everything in between for you. If you need a free estimate on a hot tub removal give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call. We are here to answer all your hot tub removal questions. We not only serve the Summerlin area but all of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson.

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