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Summerlin Hot Tub Removal | Spa Removal

Summerlin Hot Tub Removal | Spa Removal

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas has completed many hot tub and spa removals over the last few years. Some hot tubs are easy and some spas are more difficult to remove. In Summerlin this past week our junk removal team performed a hot tub removal that was much more difficult then recent spa removals had been. This hot tub wasn’t a large spa, in fact the hot tub was quite small next to most spas that we remove. However this hot tub removal was not easy! The Summerlin spa was very difficult to remove from the back yard of this Summerlin home. The hot tub was basically a fiberglass shell that was placed into a formed foam piece. So the fiberglass of the hot tub would break away and our junk removal team would then be left with a foam spa hot tub form.

Nevertheless our junk removal team has never not finished a job that we started so we went to work on the Summerlin hot tub removal. Piece by piece we removed spa parts and much foam parts. In less then two hours our junk removal team had removed the hot tub from the Summerlin residence backyard. Once the backyard was clean up and ready we turned it back over to the Summerlin home owner. They were estatic to have the backyard back to them and not have to walk around the spa that no longer worked.

If you need a hot tub removed or a spa removal from your backyard, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal a call for your free estimate. Our junk removal team will do everything from spa removal to mattress removal and everything in-between. All of our junk removal estimates are free and we can provide most estimates right over the phone.

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