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Swim Spa Removal | Hot Tub Removal

Swim Spa Removal | Hot Tub Removal

Recently our junk removal team went out to a home in North Las Vegas to take a look at a hot tub that the home owner insisted we see prior to giving her an estimate to remove the hot tub from her yard. We were glad that we listened to her and went to the home first. This hot tub was the largest and bulky hot tub we had ever encountered. She said it was a swim spa and used for training and rehabilitation exercises. This swim spa was twice as long as a normal spa and the swim spa was at least three times taller then a normal spa. As far as the estimate went the only reason it changed was due to the volume of the massive hot tub. The removal really is no different, maybe a little more cutting and some pieces heavier then usual but all in all the swim spa was no different then most hot tubs. The big difference is instead of half the junk removal trailer being full, this monster swim spa removal would fill the junk removal trailer which costs more to dispose of.

The home owner was very happy to hear that not only could we remove it but we had an opening that morning to remove the swim spa from her yard. The junk removal team went to work while the impressed home owner took some pictures of our progress. We cut the hot tub into approximately eight pieces which we carried out to the junk removal trailer. After capping the electrical and sweeping the area our junk removal team had completed the largest swim spa removal ever!

No matter the hot tub, if you need it removed our junk removal team can and will get the job done for you. Give us a call to answer any questions and receive a free hot tub removal estimate.

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