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Swing Set Removal | Junk Removal

Swing set Removal | Junk Removal

Our junk removal team received a call from an investor out of California who purchased a fixer up home in the Henderson area. In the backyard of that home was an old swing set that he wanted removed prior to trying to rent out the property. The old swing set was rotting away and looked like it hadn’t been used in years. It was a safety issue just being in the backyard of this Henderson home. The swing set was a big giant splinter waiting to attack!

Our junk removal team was able to provide an estimate right over the phone since the owner had sent us pictures of the swing set prior to us talking. On top of the swing set he had some junk around the yard and some junk in the garage that needed to go. We scheduled an appointment to arrive at the Henderson home the following day.

Once our junk removal team arrived, got gloves on our hands to protect us from the splinters the swing set was surely going to get us with, and then safety glasses for the cutting, we went to work. instead of unbolting the swing set we pulled out the reciprocating saw and went to work making fast work of the old swing set. Once it was on the ground we hauled it off to the junk removal trailer. We then collected all the junk the owner wanted removed and placed it in the junk removal trailer. After we cleaned up the Henderson home and placed all of our tools and safety equipment away it was time to go the Las Vegas transfer center to dispose of the swing set and junk.

If you have junk, trash, an old swing set or anything else even a hot tub call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal for your free estimate at 702-600-6994. You call and we haul it away!!

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