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Take My Water Softener

Take My Water Softener

Our company received a phone call today from a new customer requesting that we take her water softener. To provide our customer with her free estimate I had a couple of questions for her. Was the water softener still hooked up to the houses main water line? Was it indoors or in the garage? Did she need the water line linked backed together or had she bought a new water softener to go in the old ones place? After we received the answer to those questions we provided her with her free junk removal estimate. She then agreed and together we made an appointment with her for us to come to her home and junk out the old softener.

Once we arrived at her home, the softener was in fact still hooked up to the home. We proceeded to shut the main water off at the street so that we could cut the lines going to the softener. We then removed the old trash water softener and placed it in the junk removal trailer for easy haul away. We then took out two 90 degree copper elbow fittings and a 12 inch straight copper pipe. Once we had sweat the fittings together we went back out and turned the main water on to the house and tested the new elbow to make sure there were no leaks. Once we were assured of no leaks we then picked up all the trash components and trash pipes that were no longer needed and took them out to the junk removal trailer to be hauled away. After cleaning the area of all the trash and junk, sweeping around the area of the old softener the job was completed.

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas takes pride in our work and the professionalism you deserve. If you have any junk or trash removal needs call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas for your free estimate at 702-600-6994


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