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Top 10 Things That Are Hard To Get Rid Of (+ Disposal Guide)

Top 10 Things That Are Hard to Get Rid Of (+ Disposal Guide)

Throughout our lives, stuff comes and goes at different stages and for various reasons. Still, when decluttering your home, there always seem to be certain items or belongings that can’t find their way out, even though they should.

Some say it’s the lack of time, lack of energy, or motivation, but the truth is that in some cases, despite having these, there are a lot of things that are hard to get rid of. So you end up never doing it, but that can make your space less appealing and functional, and you frustrated. Fear not.

If you’re preparing your decluttering plan and are determined to dispose of everything that isn’t useful for you anymore, in this blog, we go through the 10 most common things that are hard to get rid of and how you can finally bid them farewell without stress or sweat. Read on!

1. Unused Furniture

Chances are there is at least one piece of furniture in your home you no longer want or need to keep. It may be that you inherited it from your family or the previous property owner or acquired it a long time ago, and it doesn’t resonate with your taste or lifestyle anymore. On the other hand, perhaps you did like it a lot, but it got damaged, and you never had the chance to repair it.

Whatever the reason is for a piece of furniture lying around your home without being used, it’s important to let it go so it doesn’t continue gathering dust and taking up valuable space. If the item is in good condition, you can sell it or donate it. If it’s not, you’ll have to dispose of it correctly. — Don’t worry! We’ll cover that up in this blog.

2. Old Materials from DIY Projects

After any DIY, one of the hardest parts of the project that no one talks about is how you’re going to get rid of the leftover or extra supplies you have. DIY projects are very diverse, and so are the items that you could have accumulated from them, such as old art supplies like pens and markers, scraps of wrapping paper, empty pain cans from a renovation, old tile, wood, the jars of mystery screws, and other construction materials, etc.These materials can take up a lot of storage space but can be tricky to toss because they could be hazardous and pose a threat to the environment, such as old paint cans. Your best bet is to gift or donate the materials that are still in good condition, recycle the ones that can be salvaged, and guarantee proper disposal of hazardous materials.

3. Unused Gadgets

Did you buy a unique-looking gadget or other quirky items a while ago? If you thought it was a great idea then but haven’t gotten around to using it in a long time, chances are you won’t use it again. When you want to use your kitchen and bathroom drawers for something other than the never-used garlic press or any other particular items, you need to part ways with them.

You know what they say: one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Even though you couldn’t make the most out of your avocado slicer, for instance, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love it. Once again, you can resort to selling or donating your unused kitchen gadgets or similar items to thrift stores, but if you can’t because they’re not in perfect condition, there is an alternative way to dispose of them, which we’ll share later on in this blog.

4. Old Electronics

Throwing away your (likely tangled) useless cords, your 2000’s old phone, your antique TV, and other unused electronics is not easy. It’s hard to find anyone who would take them in the rare case they still function, and if they don’t, you can’t merely toss them away in the trash or send them to landfill, as they may contain hazardous materials.

Most electronic items have to be recycled as they often contain valuable materials, which is why, whenever possible, you want to opt for dropping them off at approved municipal recycling centers. You can also participate in retailers’ recycling programs.Still, certain electronics like old TVs won’t be accepted by municipal programs due to their hazardous components. Thankfully, we have one infallible option for getting rid of your old TV and electronics in Las Vegas, which we’ll share in this blog.

5. Empty Boxes

A move may leave you exhausted and with a bunch of old boxes and trash, so you simply don’t have the energy to toss immediately. Because of that, many of these get piled up in a room, closet, attic, or garage to hold on to them “just in case.” However, if the “case” never arrived, it is best to repurpose or throw your boxes away responsibly instead of having them gather dust.

Flattening and recycling cardboard boxes is an easy way to clear out space while minimizing waste. Many recycling programs accept cardboard boxes for recycling, making it a convenient and eco-friendly option. Additionally, if you have sturdy boxes that are in good condition, consider donating them to local businesses or organizations for packaging.

6. Old Appliances

When speaking of things that are hard to get rid of, appliances are certainly one of the hardest. Most of them are huge in size and weight, which is why if they’re left on your property, they are the ones to take up the most space, sometimes even impeeding free mobility around your house.

When you have an appliance in good condition, selling or donating is the best option. You can make money or help the community while freeing up space. You can also opt for trade-in options to upgrade to newer models responsibly. However, if you don’t have the advantage of your appliance still working, you can opt for recycling programs from retailers or recycling centers.

One thing to consider when disposing of old appliances is to be careful when lifting and transporting them. Thankfully, our junk removal option covers these aspects.

7. An Old Mattress

Another bulky and heavy item that can give you a tough time when decluttering your home is an old mattress. Dealing with an old mattress, especially if damaged or infested, requires careful handling. Logistically, it can be a challenge, which is why, most of the time, we put it off. But that just makes things worse.

To avoid having a worn-out mattress attract pests and be an eyesore, you can opt for retailer disposal programs or recycling programs when you can’t do more for your beat-up mattress. You can also recur to municipal disposal programs, but if these aren’t 100% effective, you can opt for our junk removal option. Otherwise, if the mattress is in good condition, it’s best to consider selling or donating.

8. Books & Old Paperwork

The more time passes, the more our home gets filled with old magazines, books, and excessive paperwork that are no longer needed or were never read. If your shelves or living room storage spaces are bursting with these voluminous piles of old paper-related items, consider decluttering for a more efficient use of space.

Donating gently used books to libraries, schools, or literacy programs is a great way to clear out your storage while supporting a good cause. Many organizations rely on donations to maintain their collections and provide resources to their communities, making your donation invaluable. Additionally, recycling old paperwork and documents securely is an easy way to clear out clutter while protecting the environment.

9. Bulky Items in Your Yard

Things that are hard to get rid of can be found throughout your entire home, not only on the interior but also on the exterior as well. For instance, think of your yard. How many times have you thought you don’t want to see your old grill rusting in your yard anymore? Or a damaged hot tub attracting pests and preventing you from starting an exterior renovation project?

Your yard may also be home to unnecessary items, from appliances to even gazebos, but it seems really daunting to even attempt to get rid of them. —On your own, that is. There are a few disposal options for bulky yard items. Municipal bulky item pick-up services are one of them. However, sometimes schedules and services may not be accurate.

If you want a safer and more solid choice, you can return to local junk removal services. Our option is equally safe and affordable and will do the heavy lifting for you.

10. Items With Sentimental Value

The last thing, and arguably the most difficult one to get rid of, is any item that holds sentimental value. These can range from small family heirlooms like old greeting cards and unused jewelry to large furniture and other memorabilia. Sentimental items that hold memories and heavy emotions with them can be the hardest to part with, not only because of the emotional aspect it entails but also because any type of object can hold sentimental value, even unwanted gifts.

Still, if you’ve contemplated getting rid of any of these items, we recommend prioritizing the ones that are the most meaningful, like old photographs that can hold memories. Once you’ve determined which these are, you can organize them in storage. For the rest, you can give them a new and significant purpose by passing them down to family members and donating them.

Additionally, if there are any items that can’t be salvaged and you’re ready to let go, the option we present you below is also comprehensive for these cases.

Decluttering Your Stuff Once & For All!

Sometimes, donating, selling, recycling, or even leaving all the things that are hard to get rid of, as we’ve mentioned to your local trash pick-up service, aren’t an option. These items also have peculiar disposal requirements, which is why many of us get stuck with them for ages, for the sake of not throwing them away irresponsibly. But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

If you’ve been trying to get rid of any of the items listed above for a while but couldn’t find a suitable disposal option, the best way to ensure safe disposal is through professional junk removal services. If you’re located in Las Vegas and Henderson, The Pick-Up Artist Junk Removal is the best choice.

No matter how much or how diverse your trash is, we can eliminate it quickly, safely, and affordably. We can tackle small to large junk removal and cleanout projects, taking away bulking and hazardous waste in one go —at competitive prices and discounts!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today with your junk removal needs or inquiries!

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